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What to wear for a photoshoot?

Timeless looks that are elegant and classic, yet simple, effortless and really exude quality and love for life, that is what we are striving for here style wise. Think #oldmoneyaesthetic or #quietluxury. It screams sophistication and refined taste, but does not call for consumerism, rather it calls for looking for quality investment peaces that serve for a long time in your own wardrobe, invites you to go thrifting, or checking out your grandma’s or mom’s wardrobe or borrowing from a friend. So how to put together this effortless yet luxurious look?

  • COLORS Go for white tones, black, navy , browns, nude colors, muted colors Dress in colors that complement each other well and create a cohesive look Consider texture and pattern, as polka dots, stripes, lace

  • MATERIALS Wear quality materials like cotton, silk, linen, wool or cashmere to flatter you and avoid cheap synthetic fabrics.

  • SHOES Women: ballet flat, white tennis shoes, classic high heel Men: white tennis shoes, moccasins, dress shoes

Going barefoot is a nice option if we are shooting in nature - garden or park

  • HAIR Big 80's hair (a blow out that that you can equally master at home as at the salon), curls, or a tidy bun or a pony tail

  • MAKE UP Day time, neutral make up, nude colors - make up that fits you the best. Red lipstick if you're going for a dressier look

  • TIPS Only wear your favorite clothes that make you feel amazing. Your outfits have to be comfortable; it will make you shine and feel confident. Wear what looks great on you, meaning what stresses your beauty and hides little flaws. Consider cuts that flatter your figure. Looking your best makes you feel your best, but beauty really comes from inside out. Fell your most beautiful magnetic self, allow your light and your confidence to shine bright. Do small things to prepare the morning of: do some yoga or stretching to awake your body, repeat positive affirmations, do a self-love meditation, eat a nutritious meal before the shoot so you’re full and energized. Feel your 100%, get beautiful pictures taken that shine your light through and aim to feel like that every day of your magical life.

  • INSPIRATION If you are looking for inspiration go to Pinterest and type Old Money Aesthetic or Quiet Luxury. You will find plenty of examples and I am sure that you will be able to find something in your wardrobe to create those beautiful timeless images together. Below are some of the images by Noru Photography for inspiration as well.

For me, my photography style, is more than just a look. It's my life's philosophy that I've curated through many years. It's about being here and now, or at least trying your best to be and savoring small day to day moments. It's about minimalism and not being obsessed about trends or any small things in life, but knowing what you like and what you don't. It's also about nature and reading books. About slow weekend breakfast, family, about vacations you take in South of France and Italy in your dreams, and then in reality... It's about beautiful life that you curate, being in line with your values and being kind and loving to others. Finding your own voice and never being inauthentic again.


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